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  19. How to use scattered_2d_interp for a circle surface?
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  23. Problem using CNL in Visual Studio 2005
  24. Using IMSL C library
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  27. constrained weighted linear least square fit
  28. Problem with "imsl_d_constrained_nlp"
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  30. The 'D' language
  31. The problem about nonlinear fitting
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  33. IMSL 6.0 Evaluation, but need license on running?
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  35. Does the IMSL numerical integration have Gauss Lobatto and Filon algorithm?
  36. IMSL Fourier integral -- how to know when it breaks down?
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  41. LINK : fatal error LNK1104
  42. cannot open file imslcmath.lib
  43. temporary license IMSL
  44. Link IMSL with Visual Studio 2005
  45. VS 2005 & C IMSL
  46. problem about imsl_d_nonlin_least_squares in cnl60vc60pc
  47. IMSL vs MATLAB performance
  48. How to realease a space of *sp(Imsl_f_spline) in imsl_f_spline_2d_interp?
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  50. Using the IMSL C Numerical Library with ClearSpeed Technology
  51. running IMSL under debug mode in MSVS2005
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  53. problem with displaying errors
  54. a question about taking random data
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  56. Text analysis -- survey, summit, interviews
  57. Does IMSL6.0 support openMP
  58. [imsl c 6.0]failed to load imslcstat_dll.dll
  59. Hello, I have a critical problem about license.
  60. IMSL Eigenvalues
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  65. nonlinear_regression
  66. Using eig_symgen function for large sparse matrices
  67. Could I install "CNL6.0 for MSVC 2005" under VS.Net 2008?
  68. Windows 7, VS 2008, and IMSL C NUMERICAL LIBRARY 7.0
  69. Is Windows 7 supported?
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  73. imsl_d_ode_runge_kutta
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  76. help with output from an IMSL function
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  80. IMSL MSVC runtimes with Studio 2003 vs 2008
  81. pass the x argument in the function imsls_f_regression as an dynamic 2 d array
  82. ask for C Numerical Libraries about matrix of multiply and subtraction
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  86. Input result into file
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  88. build project for windows 64 bit platform
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  90. Can IMSL Solve a system of n nonlinear complex equations
  91. Failure calling imsl_free() on 64-bit machine
  92. how to deal with the error like this
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