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  1. AIX 5.3: After following the steps to setup memory
  2. What does MemoryScape do?
  3. How do I set up my program for memory debugging?
  4. My program has arguments. How do I tell MemoryScape about them?
  5. I've loaded three programs and I want to run them individually. Pressing the run button runs all of them. What can I do?
  6. What is interposition?
  7. Why is using realloc() frowned upon?
  8. Can MemoryScape help me with memory problems for my multi-threaded and multi-process programs?
  9. How can I tell how much memory my program is using?
  10. How do I run MemoryScape in batch mode?
  11. My process exited and I can no longer create reports for it. Why?
  12. Why should I set an allocation focus?
  13. What is filtering?
  14. What happens when my program crashes?
  15. I know my program is corrupting memory. Why isn't MemoryScape showing me this information?
  16. Can MemoryScape let me know when my program corrupts memory?
  17. How to I save information that MemoryScape acquires? (And why should I save it?)
  18. How do I save MemoryScape reports?
  19. How can I compare memory information as my program executes?
  20. Can MemoryScape tell me when a memory block is deallocated?
  21. What information does MemoryScape record for a memory block?
  22. What do I do when MemoryScape stops execution because an event or error occurred
  23. How do I tell MemoryScape to tell me when events and errors occur?
  24. What is a backtrace?
  25. How do I visualize the Heap?
  26. My report is out-of-date. What do I do?
  27. What is the licensing model of MemoryScape 2.0?
  28. Comparison Between TotalView Memory Debugger and MemoryScape
  29. What does it mean that TotalView includes MemoryScape