View Full Version : Why do errors occcur while launching processes?

07-10-2006, 11:54 AM
Usually, this indicates a path problem. Here are some things to try:
Run your program from the UNIX command line prompt to see if it will load and start executing. (If it will not start from the UNIX command line, TotalView will not be able to start it.) If it does not run, make sure your program is built for the machine on which you are debugging. Or, an execv() system call fails because the file does not have execute permission. Or, maybe you are trying to run a 64-bit application on a machine that only runs 32-bit applications. Check that all shared libraries needed by your application are accessible. For example, you may not have properly set the dynamic library runtime loader path (which is LD_LIBRARY_PATH on most systems). Run your program from the UNIX command-line prompt to see if it will load and start executing. If it begins executing, you can start TotalView, and then attach to the executing program. TotalView cannot launch programs that are started by shell scripts. If it must be started by a shell script, you must manually start it and then attach to it from within TotalView or change the shell script to launch TotalView with your program as an argument.