View Full Version : How do I View a QString as a C-style string?

07-10-2006, 12:06 PM
There are a three ways to do this. All require that you link your program with a debug version of QT. Assuming the default encodings and locale on a QString, you can view the string by diving on q (double left click or middle click) then dive on the data member "d", you should see a data member named unicode. After diving on that member, cast its datatype to $wstring_u16; that is, change the Type field to contain $wstring_u16).
You can tell TotalView that when you dive on a QString, it should always display it as a C/C++ string. Do this by using the TotalView Type Transformation Facility (TTF). The TTF allows you to write transformations for your data types. (We provide transformations for common STL containers). Edit or create a $HOME/.tvdrc file and enter the following code: ::TV::TTF::RTF::build_struct_transform {
name {^(class|struct) QString$}
members {
{ ascii { $wstring_u16 cast { * { d -> unicode } } } }

After you restart the debugger, TotalView will display the QString so that it has one member (named ascii) containing your transformed QString. TotalView allows you to call member functions. This means that you can call the ascii method on your QString. Do by selecting the Tools > Evaluate and typing the obj.ascii() expression where obj is the object you want to call the method on. In the previous example this would be q).