View Full Version : How do I see what TotalView executes when I use mpirun -tv?

07-17-2006, 10:06 AM
When you're using mpirun to start a program, you need to initialize the TOTALVIEW environment variable with the location of TotalView's binary file. If you want to see what is being executed, set the value of TOTALVIEW to "echo". Here's an example:[br] % [b]setenv TOTALVIEW "echo my_totalview"
% mpirun -np 4 -tv AttachSubsetAIX
my_totalview /nfs/fs/home/tests/AttachSubsetAIX -a -p4pg /nfs/fs/home/tests/PI1417328 -p4wd /nfs/fs/home/tests -mpichtv

[/url]Here, "my_totalview" is just a string. If it were the TotalView binary file, you'd be seeing exactly what gets executed.
[/url]You can, of course, set the TOTALVIEW variable to anything that will execute.