View Full Version : How can I use ssh instead of rsh to launch tvdsvr processes?

07-17-2006, 10:45 AM
To use ssh instead of rsh to launch tvdsvr processes, you will need to change the server launch string. Begin by opening the File > Preferences Dialog Box and selecting the Launch Strings Page.[/url]

Look at the Enable single debug server launch area. At version 7.0.1, the launch string on a Linux machine is:
[/url] %C %R -n "%B/tvdsvr%K -working_directory %D ...
[/url]This string can differ for each architecture that you run on and you can set it differently for each. This launch string is a pattern that TotalView uses when it builds the command that launches the tvdsvr process. You'll find information on what you can type in this area in our Reference Guide (http://www.etnus.com/Documentation/latest/html/wwhelp/wwhimpl/api.htm?href=Reference_Guide/tvdsvrCommandSyntax.html).
The[b] %C replacement character indicates which command TotalView uses to launch the tvdsvr process. Here is how you tell TotalView what to do: [/url]If you set the TVDSVRLAUNCHCMD environment variable, TotalView replaces[b] %C with this variable's value. You could even have this set for all users at your location using a global resource file.
[/url]You could directly change the pattern within TotalView. For example, your new pattern could be:
[/url]/pathtossh/ssh %R -n "%B/tvdsvr%K -working_directory %D ...
[/url]TotalView will remember what you've changed this to for all of your sessions.
[/url]If you want the change you've made to your local preferences to be used by everyone at your site, you can change TotalView's global initialization file. Here's how: [/url]Go to your saved preferences file, which is located in your ~/.totalview/preferences6.tvd file, and locate an entry that looks something like the following:
[/url]dset -version 2 \
-version {[string compare $TV::platform linux-x86] == 0}\
TV::server_launch_string {ssh %R -n \
"%B/tvdsvr -working_directory %D -callback %L \
-set_pw %P -verbosity %V %F"}[br]
[/url]Copy this setting to your site's preferences file. This will be located in a directory that looks something like:[br]
[/url] installation_dir[b]/toolworks/totalview.7.0.1-0/arch[b]/lib/.tvdrc
[/url]Place the copied string at the end of this file and add the dset argument [b]–set_as_default.

[/url]After you do this, users who do not set their own server launch string will use this one.