View Full Version : Creating Default Preferences

07-17-2006, 10:50 AM
When you press a default button within a File > Preferences dialog box, TotalView reinitializes some settings to their original values. However, what happens if you set a value in your TotalView tvdrc file when you press a default button? In this case, setting a variable doesn't change what TotalView thinks the default is, so TotalView still changes the setting back to its defaults.[/url]

The next time you invoke TotalView, TotalView will again use the value in your tvdrc.[/url]

You can tell TotalView that the value set in your tvdrc file is the default if you use the -set_as_default option to the dset command. Now when you press a default button, TotalView will use your value instead of its own.[/url]

If your TotalView administrator sets up a global .tvdrc file, TotalView reads values from that file and merges them with your preferences and other settings. If the value in the .tvdrc file changes, TotalView ignores the change because it has already set a value in your local preferences file. If the administrator uses the -set_as_default option,
you can be told to press the default button to get the changes. If,
however, the administrator doesn't use this option, the only way to get
changes is by deleting your preferences file.