View Full Version : Obtaining Notification When a Block is Deallocated

07-20-2006, 09:48 AM
The Memory Debugger can let you know when your program deallocates a memory block. [/url] After your program allocates the Memory Block, use the Variable Window's Tools > Add to Block Properties command or right click on the block within the Memory Debugger.
[/url] Display the [b]Block Properties Window. After TotalView displays the window, you'll see a list of blocks that you've told the Memory Debugger to watch.
[/url] Expand the top Memory Blocks area. Either press the + symbol or the [b]Hide Backtrace Information button at the bottom of this window. If you press this button, you'll see the something like the following window:
Selecting the [b]Notify when deallocated check box tells the Memory Debugger to monitor this memory block such that when your program frees it, it should stop execution and let you know that this just occurred. After selecting the check box, close the window. [/url] Select the [b]Go button from the toolbar. When the block is deallocated, the Memory Debugger stops execution and displays its Memory Event Details Window.