View Full Version : suppress messages from SupportedPlatforms.h ?

09-09-2009, 01:43 PM
My solution has several projects that use Stingray libraries.
Each project includes SupportedPlatforms.h from the stdafx.h include file like this:
#include <SupportedPlatforms.h>

During compilation every module prints out the messages generated from SupportedPlatforms.h. The output is pasted in below.
My question: Is there any way to suppress these messages or to make them occur less often? Once per project would be enough.

Operating System:
Targeting UNSUPPORTED platform.
***Please review the support matrix for supported target platforms.***
WINVER >= 0x0502
_WIN32_WINNT == 0x0502
_WIN32_IE == 0x0603
*Target platform defined in SupportedPlatforms.h
x86 OS is supported
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (8.0 +) is supported.
Build Configuration:
( ) Stingray Static Library
(u) Unicode
(d) Debug