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07-20-2006, 09:50 AM
The Memory Debugger lets you compare the state of memory in the following ways: [/url] You can compare the existing memory state against a previously saved memory state. [/url] You can compare two previously saved memory states. [/url] You can compare two existing memory states against one another. [/url] You can examine the imported memory state in the same way as the Memory for a live process. For example, you can look for leaks, graphically display the heap, and so on. [/url]
The Memory Debugger's File > Export command lets you write memory data to disk. At a later time, you can use the File > Import command to import it back in and compare this state with another state.[br] [/url]
Now that you've imported data, you can create view's into the program's memory exactly as if it were the data for an executing program. In addition, you can use create a Memory Compare View. After you select either two imported processes or an imported and live process, you can tell the Memory Debugger to display information that tells you the differences between the two sessions.[br][br] http://www.etnus.com/Documentation/latest/html/TotalView_Tips/images/71Memory_Compare.png