View Full Version : How do I know what state my processes and threads are in?

07-20-2006, 11:30 AM
The Status column in the Root Window has this information.


The following codes are used in this and in other windows:

Status Code Designations

blank ------- Exited or never created
B ------------ At breakpoint
E ------------ Error
H ------------ [/url]Process held [/url]
h ------------ [/url]Thread held [/url]
I ------------- [/url]Idle unattached process [/url]
K ------------ [/url]In kernel [/url]
M ------------ [/url]Mixed [/url]
R ------------ [/url]Running [/url]
S ------------ [/url]Sleeping unattached process [/url]
T ------------ Stopped [/url]
W ----------- [/url]At watchpoint [/url]
Z ------------ [/url]Zombie unattached process
[/url]The table in the Process Window's Threads Pane also displays some of these codes. And, you'll find state information just above the Stack Frame and Stack Trace Panes.[br]