View Full Version : When I try to use TotalView Enterprise or Team while working at home, how do I access TotalView's license manager through a firewall?

08-07-2006, 10:54 AM
If you have an Internet connection and can login to the remote network using ssh, you should be able to setup an SSH tunnel between the license manager and the home machine.
Suppose your system looks like this: OpenSSH is installed on all systems The firewall machine is named FIREWALL The license server is named LICENSE The home workstation is named HOME Here is what you must do: Use ssh to connect to FIREWALL before reusing ssh to connect to other machines on the remote network.
Determine the ports upon which the lmgrd and toolworks daemons are running.[br]
login to LICENSE cd <INSTALL PATH>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3 Run the following command: grep port license.log
This command should display four lines that look something like these:[br] 15:29:39 (lmgrd) that are not reported in the information logged
15:29:39 (lmgrd) of usage reporting you will generally produce
15:29:39 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-port 7127
15:29:39 (lmgrd) Started toolworks (internet tcp_port 51991 pid 22569)[br]
This indicates that the [b]lmgrd daemon is running on port 7127 and the toolworks daemon is running on port 51991.[br]
These port numbers will be different on your machine. Also, the port number for the toolworks daemon will change each time the license server is restarted or the machine is rebooted.[br]

If the toolworks daemon must always run on the same port, modify the license.dat file on the LICENSE machine. Look for a line containing "license.opt". For example, the top few lines of your file should look something like:[br][br]
SERVER LICENSE abcd1234 7127
DAEMON toolworks \
/toolworks/flexlm-6.1//bin/toolworks \
Add a port parameter to the line containing license.opt. Here's an example:[br]
/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3/license.opt port=2345[br]
Setup an SSH tunnel from your home machine to the license server for ports 7127 and 51991 using the following command:[br][br] ssh -L7127:LICENSE:7127 -L51991:LICENSE:51991 FIREWALL[br]
Ports 7127 and 51991 on [b]localhost will now be forwarded using an SSH tunnel and redelivered to ports 7127 and 51991 on the license server LICENSE.[br]
Create a license.dat file on HOME. The file should be the same client-style license.dat file with the hostname for the license server replaced with localhost. While making this change isn't absolutely necessary--see step 7--it will help debug problems if the SSH tunnel does not work. Make sure that you do not change the LMHOSTID. You license.dat file should look like this:[br][br] SERVER localhost abcd1234 7127
where the lmhostID of LICENSE is abcd1234.[br]
Tell TotalView to use this license.dat. You can install it in the flexlm-6.1 directory or place it elsewhere if you set the LM_LICENSE_FILE to point to it. For example: setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE /home/user/license.dat[br]
As [b]root, modify your /etc/hosts file so that the LICENSE hostname resolves to (the localhost). The first few lines of your /etc/hosts file should look like:[br][br] localhost localhost LICENSE.myorganization.com LICENSE[br]
Also make sure that /etc/hosts is consulted before the nameserver. Your /etc/host.conf should contain the following line:[br][br] order hosts,bind