View Full Version : What are the licensing requirements for remote debugging?

08-07-2006, 11:01 AM
You must either have a TotalView Enterprise or TotalView Team license for remote debugging.

For TotaView Enterprise, the license must cover the total number of cores on the machines upon which the TotalView GUI and debugger servers are running. TotalView Enterprise will count all the cores on all the nodes in which it is running. The license must also be for the correct platform. For example, the minimum license required for remote debugging is a 2-processor license. This will cover the single processor machine upon which you are running the TotalView GUI and one remote single processor target machine. If you start TotalView on a dual-processor workstation and want to debug an application running on two remote uni-processor machines, you will need a four processor license.

For TotalView Team, you just need a license to cover the sum of the processes which you are debugging. The license must also be for the correct platform. For example, if you are debugging only one process on a remote system and no other process, TotalView would only need to use a one process token. If you were to debug one process on the localhost and one process on the remote system, TotalView would need to use two process tokens.