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08-09-2006, 12:18 PM
Etnus Announces Flexible Licensing, Exchange Credit for TotalView Debugger
Also releases new product for debugging on laptops and workstations

Natick, MA. August 8, 2006 - Etnus, LLC announced today its new TotalView 8 program featuring a new product for individual developers and mobile users, three new flexible license options, and a new exchange policy designed to meet the evolving needs of existing TotalView users.

TotalView Individual is a new product that enables debugging on programs that comprise up to 16 processes and threads on a specified one- or two-processor workstation or laptop. Ideal for individual developers, students, or mobile users, it is easy to install and is available for purchase from the new Etnus storefront at http://www.etnus.com/Purchase/ TotalView Individual is available on Linux-x86, Linux-X86-64, Apple Mac OS X on Intel or Power, and Sun Solaris-Opteron.

TotalView Team provides application-oriented licensing based on the number of processes being simultaneously debugged on a given platform -- irrespective of the number of users, threads, or processors on the machine. Within a team of developers, users share capacity in the form of process "tokens." This option provides a great degree of flexibility - since tokens can be aggregated to debug an application with many processes, or distributed for routine debugging of many smaller jobs. TotalView Team has a network floating license model, includes an integrated memory debugger, and supports remote debugging.

TotalView Enterprise, the traditional TotalView network floating licensing model, provides machine-oriented licensing that allows a specified number of concurrent users to debug their programs on machines with a specified number of processors on a given platform. Debugging capacity is reserved so that a given number of users will always be able to simultaneously debug. TotalView Enterprise imposes no limits on the number of processes or threads that developers can debug. It includes an integrated memory debugger, supports remote debugging, and is available with multi-platform licenses.

TotalView Rental provides a large-scale TotalView Enterprise or TotalView Team license on a time-limited basis, in monthly increments. It is ideal for short-term high-scale debugging; grid, utility or capacity-on-demand applications; or environments in which platforms and configurations change regularly.

TotalView customers that are current on maintenance can exchange their current TotalView Enterprise license for the purchase of a TotalView Enterprise license on a different currently supported platform, with a credit based on the age of the original license.

"Our customers have found that TotalView is a vital part of a wide variety of development environments," notes Chris Gottbrath, TotalView product manager at Etnus. "Developers are solving problems and saving the day with TotalView on laptops in airports, with individual workstations, in classrooms, corporate development teams, managed cluster environments, traditional server rooms, and on the grid. We are excited to be able to provide customers with the ability to license TotalView with a new variety of configurations that match the diverse needs of these different sites."

TotalView Team and TotalView Enterprise support all major Unix, Linux and Mac OS X Distributions. For a list of supported platforms for TotalView Team and TotalView Enterprise, go to http://www.etnus.com/TotalView/Platforms.html.

TotalView Individual, TotalView Team and TotalView Enterprise, as part of the new TotalView Version 8 program, are immediately available. Over the next eight weeks, existing TotalView customers will receive instructions and entitlements for migrating to TotalView 8.0, including the conversion of their existing TotalView licenses to TotalView Enterprise.