View Full Version : Service release available 7.3.0-4 & 8.0.0-1

10-16-2006, 08:24 AM
On September 12th 2006, Etnus released TotalView 7.3.0-4 and the functionally equivalent 8.0.0-1. As with any TotalView service release, these service releases contain only bug fixes and no new features. Here is a list of the most prevalent bug fixes:

Pointers to heap blocks which are stored in user defined data segments show up as leaks in leak reports.

Previously when TotalView searched for memory leaks the only parts of the data segment searched for references to the allocations made by the program are the parts of the segment the reside in the .data, .sdata, .bss, or .sbss sections of an executable or library. Starting with TotalView 7.3.0-4, this problem is fixed by searching all of the writable data segment other than memory that is specifically used by the machines runtime. (Bug number 9249)

TotalView displays a 'New Program' dialog box, even though a program to debug has been specified.

In certain cases TotalView would previously display the 'New Program' window, even though a program had already been selected. This is seen when debugging an MPICH2 program, or if the -e (execute the following commands) or -s (startup file) options are used. (Bug number 8895)

[/url]Totalview help should find firefox.

You no longer need to set the environment variable TV_HTMLHELP_VIEWER to use firefox for Totalview help. (Bug number 9562)

On Mac OS X TotalView would previously report that all pointers that stored in global memory to be memory leaks.

Recent version of dynamic loader library on Linux, ld-linux.so.2 / ld-2.3.6.so does not load into TotalView.

Previously while running totalview on some recent version of the dynamic loader TotalView might not have been able to find functions by lookup. You may have encountered this if you see the following output on the terminal in which TotalView was invoked:

ERROR: Cannot find '_r_debug', '_dl_debug_state', or '_dl_init' symbol in /lib/ld-linux.so.2
ERROR: Failed, reading struct link_map (0x00010101) (Bug number 9546