View Full Version : Service release available: 7.3.0-5 & 8.0.0-2

10-16-2006, 08:38 AM
On October 13th 2006, Etnus released TotalView 7.3.0-5 and the functionally equivalent version 8.0.0-2. As with any TotalView service release, these service releases contain only bug fixes and no new features. You can download the latest versions of TotalView at http://www.etnus.com/Download/index.php

Here is a list of the most prevalent bug fixes:

Memory events/errors for threaded programs do not display the Memory Event/error dialog.

Previously if you were memory debugging an application that is multi-threaded and a memory event occurs (for example a double call to free) in a thread other than the main thread a memory event dialog would not be raised. TotalView did correctly stop the process however to get the information normally supplied in the event dialog one would have to use the CLI command "dheap -status". (Bug number 9178)

TotalView may check out extra licenses when spawning remote servers.

Previously when debugging an MPI application whose nodes are provided in a -machinefile as IP addresses instead of DNS names, TotalView would not recognize that an IP address denotes the local node. If so, TotalView would spawn an unnecessary remote debug server, consume unneeded license units (and fail if there are insufficient units available). You could tell if you were encountering this problem by observing output in the following form:

rsh IP_ADDRESS -n /directory/to/totalview.version/$arch/bin/tvdsvr -working_directory (Bug number 9379)

TotalView fails with the error message "Ran off end of chunk in extract_data1".

TotalView would previously fail, usually after seeing several other warning messages, with a Fatal Error: Ran off end of chunk in extract_data1. The data1 shown here maybe data2 or data4. This error is usually caused by bad debug information which causes TotalView to lose track of its position in the file, generating several small errors before finally failing. This was first reported on Linux Power, but may not be specific to this platform. (Bug number 9319)

On Linux x86 and x86-64 TotalView's leak detection runs forever on many linux systems.

In TotalView 7.3.0-4 and 8.0.0-1, on most linux x86 and x86-64 systems TotalView's leak detection algorithm would run "forever".