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10-27-2006, 09:29 AM
We're attempting to use the Toalview plug-in for eclipse but Totalview continuously stalls out while loading symbols and never finishes. Any idea why?

This is what we have installed now for eclipse and Totalview:


You should also note that the name of the Totalview binary is misspelled in the eclipse GUI as ‚Äútotalivew‚Ä? when a new Debug session is created. Easily fixable but annoying.

Kevin Harris


11-01-2006, 09:01 AM
Hello Kevin,

We do have a bug report about this issue and we're investigating. Nothing substantive to report about that yet, other than that some combinations of TotalView and Eclipse worked, and others did not. I had used


And had problems with TotalView 8.0.0-1, and TotalView 8.0.0-0, but not with TotalView 7.3.0-4. Which seemed a bit odd to me, as 7.3.0-4 and 8.0.0-1 should be functionally equivalent, but differ in the way licenses are applied/calculated.

You're at a version a bit above what I tested with the Eclipse and CDT, a version or two behind in TotalVIew, and the plugin hasn't changed at all.
So you might have better luck with a different mix, but it is something we will be taking a look at.

And, a last note, this is not really the forum for reporting bugs. They should be sent directly to support@etnus.com. I and others will respond here as we can, but we're dedicated to watching the support stream, and can't guarantee a timely response here.