View Full Version : What does MemoryScape do?

02-03-2007, 04:03 PM
<p>MemoryScape is an interactive memory debugger that lets you see how your program is using memory as your program executes. It can also provide post-mortem reports using it's batch system.
<p>Here are a few of its features: <ul> <li>You can locate where your program allocated memory that is leaked.
<li>MemoryScape can notify you when it discovers problems with the way you are using the malloc library.
<li>MemoryScape can stop execution when it locates memory corruption problems, or you can tell MemoryScape to look for them.
<li>You can compare memory state at various times while your program executes. </ul> For more information, go to the memory area (http://www.etnus.com/MemoryScape/index.html) of our web site.