View Full Version : What information does MemoryScape record for a memory block?

02-04-2007, 08:40 AM
Whenever your program allocates, deallocates, or reallocates a memory block, MemoryScape records information about it. Some of this information is: The backtrace that existed when the block was created
The block's address
Whether guard blocks were created, their size, and the like.
The source line and file of the statement that made the allocation.
This information is found in various places in report windows. For example, if you place your cursor over a block in the Heap Status Graphical Report, MemoryScape displays all of this information in a pop-up window. (The pop-up is on the right side of the following picture so you may have to scroll your window to see it.)

In addition, you can obtain slightly more information by right-clicking on the block and selecting Properties. Here's a snapshot of a properties window:

If you expand the top pane by clicking the Hide Backtrace Information button, you'll see the Notify when deallocated and Notify when reallocated check boxes at the bottom of the top pane. When either is selected, MemoryScape stops program execution when this block is deallocated or reallocated.