View Full Version : How do I tell MemoryScape to tell me when events and errors occur?

02-04-2007, 10:45 AM
MemoryScape tracks all of your program's allocations, deallocations, and reallocations. Some of these actions are expected. These actions are called events Others, such as a double free, are programming errors.

You can tell MemoryScape to stop execution and tell you when these events occur by selecting the Advanced Button within the advanced Memory Debugging Options screen. This is within the Halt execution on memory event or error area.

By default, MemoryScape stops execution when any of these events occur. If you remove a checkmark, you won't be notified. You are not actually changing the way in which MemoryScape tracks memory events. Instead, you're just telling MemoryScape that it shouldn't tell you when the event occurs.

You can also have MemoryScape notify you when your program deallocates or reallocates a block. These notifications are set in a different way than other notifications. Set these by selecting a block in the Heap Status Graphical Report, right click on it, andselect Properties. Here's the Block Properties window that MemoryScape displays.

The notification check boxes are not immediately visible. One way of seeing them is to click the Hide Backtrace Information button at the bottom or the screen. As an alternative, scroll down in the top pane.