View Full Version : How do I visualize the Heap?

02-04-2007, 09:54 AM
MemoryScape display's a process's heap visually. To obtain this display, select the Memory Reports | Heap Status tab, then click on the Heap Graphical Report link.

<p>If you want leaks to be displayed, select the <b>Detect Leaks</b> check box. This tells MemoryScape to display your leaks as red blocks.
<p>The graphical area contains bars indicating allocated memory blocks. The block's color shows the block's status. You can change the scale of what is displayed using the magnifying glass icons just above and to the right of the blocks.
<p>When you select a block in the top area, MemoryScape displays information in the bottom area. When you select a block, MemoryScape hightlights the bloc. It also highlights other blocks created by code that had the same backtrace.
<p>The bottom area displays information in two ways:<ul><li>Heap Information: the center pane displays information on the block that you selected, and the right pane displays information about all blocks that were created that have the same backtrace.
<li>Backtrace/Source: Contains two panes that display the backtrace that existed when the program allocated the block and the line that caused the allocation to occur.
</ul>If you right-click your mouse on a block in the top portion, MemoryScape displays a menu containing a Properties command. If you select this command, MemoryScape displays its <b>Block Properties</b> window, which contains more information about the block.
<p>For more information, see our task on graphically displaying the heap