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02-08-2007, 01:09 PM

Etnus is proud to announce the public availability of the MemoryScape Memory Debugger.

Heap memory problems such as memory leaks can really be frustrating to identify and debug. They
may lurk in your application for a long time before being identified, causing slow and
unreliable behavior. Wouldn't you love to have an easy way to catch those problems early on.

MemoryScape provides users with a streamlined and modern memory debugging experience. With
MemoryScape you can :

* Understand how your application is using memory.
* Check your application for memory leaks.
* Check your application for overwritten heap allocations.
* Catch heap memory errors.

MemoryScape uses the Etnus HIA technology which means that you can:

* Memory debug applications at close to 'full speed'.
* Get started memory debugging your applications right away
without having to alter your build environment.

MemoryScape has a unique task-oriented graphical user interface that guides you though the
process of checking your program for memory errors. This highly graphical interface makes it
easy to

* Track down memory problems in a single process or an application that runs as a dozen
separate processes.
* Compare the memory state of a single process across many points in time.
* Sort the wheat from the chaff with powerful filtering capabilities.
* Work effectively with other software developers in the next cubicle or the remote office.

MemoryScape is available for use on Linux (RedHat and SuSE, x86, x86-64, ia64, Power),
UNIX (AIX and Solaris AMD and Solaris SPARC) and Apple OS X (power and Intel). See the
platforms document for more details.

Check out www.etnus.com and get a 15 day evaluation copy of MemoryScape to see how
it works on your application and let us know what you think.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chris Gottbrath