View Full Version : How do I configure TotalView to execute on a machine remote from the license server?

03-21-2007, 02:29 PM
TotalView executing on the remote machine needs host and port information so that it can query the flexlm server daemon to acquire a license. There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. When the flexlm server was originally configured, the Configure_License script generated a file named, license.client. This file is located on the flexlm server at <InstallBaseDir>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3/license.client. Within this file is the hostname or IP address of the server, the required port number to contact the daemon, and some flexlm directives.
Copy and rename this file as <InstallBaseDir>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3/license.dat on the remote client machine . The client license.dat file should contain something similar to the following:

SERVER hostname 000b5d49333b 7127

2. Alternatively, you can set the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to specify the name or IP address of the server machine along with the port number of the daemon.
Assuming a bash shell, you can set the environment variable as follows:

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=7127@hostname

Assuming a csh or tcsh shell, you can set the environment variable as follows:

setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 7127@hostname

Modify the above as required by your shell.