View Full Version : New version of MPICH2 is released!

04-02-2007, 07:39 AM
MPICH2 version 1.0.5p4 was released on 03/30/2007. All TotalView users should use this version of MPICH2 (or later). This release includes fixes for various issues while using TotalView to debug a MPICH2 job, including:
Issues building the TotalView Support library.

A bug that prevented you from restarting a job under TotalView.

With earlier versions of MPICH2 you could not attach to a job, simply by attaching to the starter process. To do this using the latest version of MPICH2, you will need to start your job with the mpiexec/mpirun option -tvsu.

TotalView's new parallel startup configuration did not work with MPICH2. If you are using at least TotalView version 8.1 and MPICH2 1.05p4, you can start your job by utilizing the New Program window and the Parallel tab. Please visit the following URL for a description of how to use this feature http://www.totalviewtech.com/Documentation/mpi_startup.htmlWe recommend that you use the following options when configuring MPICH2:


This option makes sure that the TotalView MPICH2 library necessary for TotalView is built.

If you wish to see message queues (and you probably do want to see them), add a second command-line option: