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04-02-2007, 01:15 PM
We are pleased to announce that TotalView Debugger 8.1 is
available on our TotalViewTech.com website. Thanks to
everyone who participated in the TotalView 8.1 beta program.

New Features in TotalView 8.1

* TotalView Team is Available with or without Memory Debugging
You can now opt to purchase TotalView Team Debugger with Integrated
Memory Debugging or choose TotalView Team Debugger (without Memory

* C++ Breakpoint Extensions
You can now set breakpoints on all the methods of a class or
all the functions that have the same name but different arguments.

* Shared Library Breakpoint Extensions
Breakpoints can now be set in libraries that have not yet been

* Attach to Many Processes at One Time
You can now attach to one or many arbitrary processes in the
new program dialog box. They don't have to be related via
fork/exec or part of an MPI or other parallel discipline, they
can be any processes you select.

* Improved Source Code Search Path
A more powerful mechanism is now provided to specify the
path in which TotalView should look to find source code

* C++ Class Statics
You can now see C++ class static members in the data window
when you look at any instance of the object. Lists of instances
display the static member variable only once.

* Apple Dwarf support
You can now debug code, generated on Darwin by compilers, that
produced dwarf debug output.

* Support for RHEL 5

Please see the platforms document at

http://www.totalviewtech.com/Documentation/latest/pdf/platforms.pdf (http://http//www.totalviewtech.com/Forms/evalformTV.htm)
for a detailed list of platforms and compilers that are
supported in this release. Download a copy from

http://www.totalviewtech.com/download.htm?type=TotalView (http://http://www.totalviewtech.com/Forms/evalformTV.htm)

and try it in your environment today. If you don't already
have a license to use TotalView sign up for an evaluation
license at


and evaluate TotalView Source Code Debugger for 15 days.


Chris Gottbrath
Product Manager
TotalView Technologies, LLC