View Full Version : TotalView Debugger Service Release available: 8.1.0-1

05-21-2007, 09:44 AM
On May 21st TotalView Technologies released TotalView 8.1.0-1. . As with any TotalView service release, this service releases contain only bug fixes and no new features. You can download the latest versions of TotalView at http://www.totalviewtech.com/...d.htm?type=TotalView (http://www.totalviewtech.com/download.htm?type=TotalView)

This service release features the following bug fixes:

Bug 10040: TotalView Enterprise incorrectly counts processors on Linux Power SMT machines.

Bug 9948: The Tools > Thread Objects feature does not work on Tru64 and AIX.

Bug 10148: While debugging a multi-threaded program TVD crashes with the following error: Fatal Error: group_user_id_table_t::insert_id: Duplicate entry in table

Bug 10209: While debugging an application built with Sun Studio 8, TVD crashes with the fatal error: Fatal Error: st_pathname_reference_symbol_t::resolved_symbol: ambiguous pathname_reference_symbol

Bug 4787: Can not view thread private common blocks with xlf 8.1 (note fixed with Intel 9 and TotalView 8.1.0-1)