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10-05-2007, 12:20 PM
Dear Customer,

TotalView Technologies and Cray Inc. are pleased to announce that we have worked together to improve the performance of the debugger attach operation for some large parallel application debugging sessions on Cray XT Systems. Our testing shows improvements of 50x in the performance of the debugger attach operation when the target parallel program was compute bound. I/O bound processes and processes launched from within the debugger were not affected by the original problem.

We strongly encourage all sites and users with TotalView Debugger on Cray XT 3 and Cray XT 4 systems running Catamount on the compute nodes to upgrade to the versions listed below in order to benefit from this improvement.

TotalView Debugger 8.2.0-0 or newer
Catamount 2.0.10

While we focused on improving attach performance of compute bound tasks some of the changes made significantly improve the performance of a variety of other debugging operations.

For more information on this please contact: support@totalviewtech.com.

A large number of our Cray XT System users tell us they are making use of the XT System from a remote site. We've found the following strategy to significantly improve GUI performance when working interactively over long distance network connections.

TotalView Technologies recommends using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to set up a remote desktop on the distant machine and accessing that desktop via a viewer on your local machine. To do this, TotalView Technologies suggests TightVNC, which is a free, GPL licensed version of VNC. TightVNC offers "tight" encoding to compress screen updates, making it very fast and eliminating most latency issues. Users can download or find more info on TightVNC at its website.

For more information about VNC, including installation and operating instructions, see:



Chris Gottbrath

Product Manager TotalView Technologies, LLC
508-652-7735 http://www.TotalViewTech.com/