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10-12-2007, 02:02 PM
We are pleased to announce that TotalView Debugger 8.3 is
available on our TotalViewTech.com website. Thanks to
everyone who participated in the TotalView 8.3 beta program.

New Features in TotalView 8.3

* Improved MPI launch
Enables customers to run TotalView without having to re-configure their MPI installation.

* Improved data view across processes/threads
Users can now see data across many processes or threads in a single operation, helping to solve MPI and thread bugs more quickly.

* Highlight variable changes
Seeing data change as the program executes helps identify and solve bugs more quickly.

* Improved watchpoints feature
Setting a watchpoint is simpler, making it easier to find and fix difficult problems in situations where the variable changes in an unexpected way.

* Easier to find “expand all� in data window
Toggling detailed vs. collapse views is quicker, allowing developers to more easily work with hierarchically structured data.

* The action point list highlights the current actionpoint

* Changed default notification on library loading

* Multi-file loading
* Corefiles
* Memory Debug files

* A new events view in the Memory Debugger

* New operating systems supported, including:
* OS X 10.4.5, 10.4.8, 10.4.9
* Fedora 7
* Ubuntu 1.06

Please see the platforms document at


for a detailed list of platforms and compilers that are
supported in this release. Download a copy from


and try it in your environment today. If you don't already
have a license to use TotalView sign up for an evaluation
license at


and evaluate TotalView Source Code Debugger for 15 days.


Chris Gottbrath
Product Manager
TotalView Technologies, LLC