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03-12-2008, 12:49 AM

I would like to use variables defined in a Fortran Module in Totalviews evaluation window and/or more important in the definition of conditional breakpoints.
The manual tells me that those variables can be addressed via module_name`variable_name. Syntactically that seems to be ok. But if I try to evaluate such an expression
all I get is the message

"Internal Error in Totalview
Do you want to run the Totalview Diagnostic Tool"

Finally independent of my answer to this question Totalview crashes.

Has anybody ever used something like that successfully? If yes: how did you do it??

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03-13-2008, 04:02 AM
Ouch! That one is obviously a bug in TotalView. It would be great if you could report this to support@totalviewtech.com with the version of TotalView you're using, the Fortran compiler you're using and the version of the compiler. The platform you're running on would be useful as well.

I do this frequently though. Usually I dive on the module name, rather than trying to dive on the variable itself, and then locate the variable in the module. Tools->Fortran Modules usually gives a list of the available modules as well, and then you can go to the particular module and then the variable. But it sounds like you aren't getting that far. Some compilers don't supply the right debug information to find these, and that's more of a compiler problem. But the issue you describe is certainly a TotalView issue, above the finding of the data.

03-13-2008, 05:56 AM
Thanks for your answer.
I will report this problem to support@... as you suggested.

Nonetheless I think you misunderstood my problem a bit. It's no problem the see the values of my module variables.
That works fine and it has helped me finding my program bugs since long.
What I can't do is use the modules variables when I want to specify conditional breakpoints.
In the conditional breakpoints window I can only use local variables. Being able to use my modules variables in there would come in rather handy.

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03-13-2008, 06:41 AM
Ah, you're right. I saw the Internal Error, and in trying to get out a quick reply, I missed the point of what you were trying to do. Still a bug though!