View Full Version : stepping with the groups of MPI processes

05-16-2008, 02:31 PM

I have a question about stepping a group of (MPI) processes. That includes both the custom groups and predefined groups (like lockstep groups).
When I select a custom group in the pull-down menu as the target of action, and click on Go, only processes in the group will continue until the next breakpoint, other processes will stay at the previous breakpoint. But if I click on Step instead, all processes will continue. All processes in the group and some other processes will get to the first line in the subroutine, some other processes will be stopped somewhere else. Same with Out and Next - not only the processes in the custom group will continue. Is it expected behavior?

I see the same behavior when I select Group (Lockstep) - the Go button works as I would expect, but Next, Step and Out make all processes continue.

Thank you for clarification on this.