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09-09-2008, 03:17 PM
We are pleased to announce that TotalView Debugger 8.6 and MemoryScape 2.4 are available on our TotalViewTech.com website.

This is a really exciting release for me personally. We've focused on starting with customer use cases and really streamlining them in this release. The team here really did fantastic work delivering the ReplayEngine add-on product compatibility, Remote Display Client, and TVScript within a single release cycle. Thanks to everyone who participated in the TotalView 8.6 beta program, the early experience program tracks, and/or otherwise provided input into the design and development of these features.

New Features in TotalView 8.6

* Compatibility with the new ReplayEngine add-on Product.

ReplayEngine 1.0 provides users with a way to capture
explore and examine the execution history of their program
during debugging sessions. Examining this execution history
is easy to do using new reverse stepping and "run back to"
commands on the process window tool bar. ReplayEngine is
a separately licensed add-on product for Linux-x86 and
Linux-x86-64 platforms only. See

http://www.totalviewtech.com/...ts/replayengine.html (http://www.totalviewtech.com/products/replayengine.html)

for details.

* Remote Display Client

This version of TotalView includes a long distance debugging
capability enabling users who need to debug on computers or
supercomputers across long distances (such as from one city
to another) to quickly, easily and securely set up a remote
display connection. The connection is set up, managed and
displayed by a free client (Windows and Linux versions
are included right in the TotalView installation bundle).


http://www.totalviewtech.com/...w/remote_display.pdf (http://www.totalviewtech.com/support/documentation/totalview/remote_display.pdf)

for details.

* TVScript

This version of TotalView includes a program called tvscript
that drives totalviewcli to provide you with a way to easily
gather troubleshooting information about a program without
having to do any interactive debugging at all. This is designed
specifically to extend and improve the "print" debugging
paradigm and to support users who work with programs
in batch queue style environments. TVScript makes it easy
to debug a parallel application by just setting up a series
of breakpoints at points of interest, defining actions to be
performed when any process reaches one of those breakpoints, and
then submitting a normal, non-interactive batch queue job with
tvscript, these settings, and the target program.


http://www.totalviewtech.com/...ingUsingScripts.html (http://www.totalviewtech.com/support/documentation/totalview/wwhelp/wwhimpl/api.htm?href=Using_the_CLI/BatchDebuggingUsingScripts.html)

for details.

* Current Line Highlighting

The current line in the source code window is highlighted
in yellow. If you are using ReplayEngine this highlighting
changes to orange when you are in replay mode.

* Startup Parameters Dialog Box Improvements

When you start TotalView and specify a target executable
the Startup Parameters dialog box will come up, giving you
an easy way to turn on and off Memory Debugging, ReplayEngine,
set program arguments, redirect IO, and specify a parallel
starter program if you need to do any of those things. If you
don't want this pop up each time you start TotalView you can
toggle a preference at the bottom of the window.

* Start MPI programs from the dload command

You can now launch parallel jobs from within an already
started CLI session using new arguments to the dload command.

See the new_features.pdf for more information. You can obtain the new
features guide at


New OS Versions Supported in this release:

* Apple OS X 10.5.2
* IBM AIX 6.1 on IBM Power
* Sony Zego (Initial release version) on IBM Cell
* RedHat Fedora Core 8 on linux x86 and x86-64

New Compiler Versions Supported in this release:

* GNU GCC 4.1 and 4.2.3
* Improved OpenMP Support in GCC (see platforms guide for details)
* GCC Gfortran 4.1
* SGI MPT 1.20
* SGI ProPack 6

Please see the platforms.pdf document for more details. You can obtain the
TotalView Platforms guide at


Download a copy of TotalView 8.6 or MemoryScape from


and try it in your environment today. If you don't already
have a license this page will provide you with a way to get
a short-term (roughly 15 day) evaluation license.


Chris Gottbrath
Director of Product Management
TotalView Technologies, LLC