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09-09-2008, 03:21 PM
TotalView Tech is proud to announce the public availability of the ReplayEngine add-on product.

ReplayEngine frees you up to work both forwards and backwards through your program as you explore and troubleshoot problems in your debugging session. This is done by capturing the execution history of the program as it runs, sort of like a DVR recorder for your software, and then allowing you to explore and examine either the current program execution or any part of that recorded history. This will enable you to:

* Step backwards from a crash to look for clues about how that crash came about.

* Step forwards and backwards through any function or complex bit of code as many times as necessary to see what is going on.

* Compare any two points in program execution -- for example a successful execution of some routine vs a suspect or failed execution of that same routine.

* Run back into the past and set new breakpoints and watchpoints. Re-execute through interesting regions of code to see when these breakpoints and watchpoints are triggered. This is a great way to track down pointer and array out of bounds violations.

* Capture subtle race conditions and other hard-to reproduce errors and then examine them in the execution history in a more leisurely and detailed way.

* Bridge the gap between the point where a program fails and where the root cause error occurred without having to restart the program a single time.

Many thanks to those who participated in the ReplayEngine 1.0 Beta Program, the Early Experience Program track on reverse debugging, and who otherwise provided feedback and input into the ReplayEngine development process.

The Early Experience Program ReplayEngine track is still ongoing actually -- if you have ideas about how you would like to work with execution history in the GUI and or how you would like to work with the execution history of multiple processes, please sign up for the early experience program by sending me email.

ReplayEngine is available on Linux x86 and Linux x86-64 platforms and requires TotalView 8.6.0 as a pre-requisite.

Please see the following resources for more information on ReplayEngine

Product page


White Paper


Evaluation License and Downloads

Please try out ReplayEngine in your environment and let us know what you think. There isn't an
official release notes document but please be aware that right now only certain configurations of
MPICH2 are supported and that in some cases problems have been noticed with programs that make use of
shared memory. Watch these forums and contact support@totalviewtech.com for more information.


Chris Gottbrath
Director of Product Management
TotalView Technologies, LLC