View Full Version : ReplayEngine 1.1 and TotalView 8.6.2

01-20-2009, 01:07 PM
Announcing the release of Replay Engine 1.1.0 with support for record and replay debugging of 32 bit executables on 64 bit linux x86 operating systems.

TotalView 8.6.2 was also released, with a number of bug fixes.

The previous version of ReplayEngine, 1.0.1 had introduced support for a number of MPIs including MPICH2, Open MPI, Intel MPI, and MVAPICH2. Please see the 1.0.1 release notes (http://www.totalviewtech.com/pdf/ReplayEngine-101-release-notes-final.pdf) for details. ReplayEngine 1.1 continues and improves on this support.

For more information on ReplayEngine see the following resources:

ReplayEngine web page (http://www.totalviewtech.com/products/replayengine.html), Video (http://www.totalviewtech.com/support/videos.html?id=180#180), White Paper (http://www.totalviewtech.com/support/white_papers.html?id=163), Data Sheet (http://www.totalviewtech.com/pdf/TV_DS_RE_x3.pdf), Documentation (http://www.totalviewtech.com/support/documentation/replayengine/)

To acquire a trial license or download ReplayEngine 1.1 and TotalView 8.6.2 go to:

Product Evaluation and Download Pages (http://www.totalviewtech.com/download/index.html)