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01-28-2009, 04:09 AM
I am a participant of TotalView Express Student Edition Program.
Could you please explain how can I verify entitlement code for TotalView Individual if my internet connection uses proxy.
My OS is openSuSe 10.3, I tried to set up proxy setting in Yast->Network Services->Proxy but it didn't help.
I can't see any proxy setting in Totalview installator as well.

02-03-2009, 05:00 PM
Hi, I'm sorry you're having trouble getting in. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I have no idea of what to tell you, since I never bother with proxy settings myself. However, I have put the question to our sysadmins to see if someone has a clue.

But to help out here, can you tell me what step you are at? I'm guessing you're trying to enter your entitlement code and have the license generated? Are there any errors reported, or do things just seem to hang and not progress?

Basically what we are trying to do is to gather the hostname and hostid, and to do that, we need the information generated by the command toolworks_hostid, in the flexlm-10.8.0-3/bin directory under the toolworks directory created when you did the install. Note that TotalView MUST be installed to generate this info, since the hostid is not the same generated by the hostid command.

And that brings up another point. The FlexLM software is tied to the MAC address of eth0. If you have your system configured so that eth0 does not exist, the hostid will be blank, and the license attempt will fail. I'm not sure if any error message will point out this particular aspect of licensing, but it would be nice.

I'll let you know if we get an answer to the proxy question, and should my stab in the dark about eth0 prove useful, please let me know.


02-03-2009, 10:17 PM
Hi! Thank you for reply!
I use totalview_individual.8.6.2-0-linux-x86-64.sh to install TotalView.
I have an entitlement code as well. Both got from Student Express Program.
After entering the code I see small window "Validating entitlement code" waiting for replies.
Then I see such message:

Contacting TotalView Technologies to validate entitlement codes...
Time Out: The server failed to respond in a reasonable time.

I go to the previous step and try again.
Then following message appears:

Thank you for using the TotalView Individual Installation Wizard
Congratulations, you have successfully installed TotalView Individual.
To run TotalView Individual use: /opt/etnus/totalview.8.6.2-0/toolworks/totalview.8.6.2-0/bin/totalview
Unfortunately, the following communication problem prevented access to the TotalView Technologies Server.
You may also use the TotalView Technologies customer portal at http://www.totalviewtech.com to redeem your entitlement codes for licenses.
Error: Connection refused
For help on getting started with TotalView Individual see the QuickView at http://www.totalviewtech.com/Documentation
If you need additional Installation information, please refer to the Installation Guide also on the TotalView Technologies website.
Thank you for choosing TotalView Individual.

With the help of nestat program I can see that process named tv-installer tryes to establish connection with another host:

tcp 0 1 host114.205.237.1:https SYN_SENT

At the beginning I thought that trouble is concerned with proxy settings.
But even from browser with correct proxy settings I can't establish https connection with that host.

Do I need to provide some additional information?


02-04-2009, 09:22 AM

Did you try the customer portal to retrieve the license? Or did that fail to connect too? If you (and anyone else who has run into this) have tried the Customer Portal (https://www.totalviewtech.com/CustomerPortal/Login.php) and have not had any luck there, we are willing to do this for you. And I hope I'm not opening a floodgate here!

We will need the following:

TotalView must be installed. The installer should be able to do that, and you can always skip the verify portion of the install. Go to the <install_path>/toolworks/flexlm-10.8.0-3/bin directory and run the command


Capture that output and send it, along with your name and your school name, and the entitlement code (or attach the message you got with the entitlement code) to


The subject line should read

Student Express Verification Failure for student at (your school name here)

Allow a day at least for turnaround, though I might get to this particular one quickly. I want to see if I run into any problems trying to generate this internally.

Again (mostly for others) please only do this after exhausting other options and attempts to generate this through the company portal have failed. Note that if the toolworks_hostid command fails to show a hostname, this is likely due to eth0 not being configured.


02-05-2009, 02:28 AM
thank you!

I can't check option with customer portal because I have no login there.
As a participant of student express program I can only get support with the help of this forum.

Inspite of this I tried option of restoring forgotten password for Customer Protal but got Fatal Error on site:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'EtnusDatabaseException' with message 'No account for email address arthur@mail.rb.ru ()' in /local/server/www_jail/www/portal/releases/20090109170636/include/database/iContact.php:466 Stack trace: #0 /local/server/www_jail/www/portal/releases/20090109170636/Login/LoginProcessingEngine.php(161): Contact->getPassword() #1 /local/server/www_jail/www/portal/releases/20090109170636/Login/LoginProcessingEngine.php(41): handleForgotPassword('arthur@mail.rb....') #2 {main} thrown in /local/server/www_jail/www/portal/releases/20090109170636/include/database/iContact.php on line 466

So Pete,
I'll try to collect required information and mail it to support@totalviewtech.com.


02-05-2009, 04:01 AM
Sigh, I'm not sure why we suggest going through the customer portal if you can't get in that way. But send me the info anyway, and I'll see if we can use the entitlement code to figure a way in.