View Full Version : JNI Debugging with TotalView

02-10-2009, 03:04 PM

I wanted to point out the "JNI Debugging with TotalView (http://www.totalviewtech.com/pdf/JNIDebuggingWithTotalView.pdf)" paper that Maryann recently put together.

It highlights the easy set up that you can use to use TotalView in conjunction with a Java IDE or Java debugger.

A few years ago we released an experimental no-additional-cost package called "JNI Bridge" around the techniques outlined in this paper. The bridge was an interesting experiment but not a viable product line for us and has been unsupported for some time.

The technique on which is was based, and the TotalView characteristics that made it attractive are all still sound. If you are working with Java and have need of a JNI debugging solution please give the techniques outlined in the paper a try. They will give you the best of both worlds -- your Java IDE and TotalView's C and C++ debugging capabilities.

Feel free to post to this topic with your impressions and experiences with the technique. Don't hesitate to contact me Chris.Gottbrath [at] TotalViewTech.com with any questions or comments about JNI debugging.