View Full Version : Schedule for TotalView Support on Apple OS X Darwin on Power processors

02-19-2009, 02:25 PM
Development for this platform has transitioned from active development to a maintenance state. This means that we will continue to support the platform with the current product version on the current set of compilers and operating system versions for a period of approximately two years.

Final TotalView on Apple OS X Power Version: 8.6.1
Final MemoryScape on Apple OS X Power Version: 2.4.1

New licenses will be available till the middle of this calendar year 2009 and maintenance renewal orders will continue to be accepted till the end of this calendar year 2009. Regular maintenance offers will extend to no later than the end of next calendar year 2010.

End of Product Sale Date: Jul 31st 2009
End of Maintenace Sale Date: Dec 31st 2009
End of Maintenance Offering Date: Dec 31st 2010

Services may be available at special prices beyond this date, for more information about extended maintenance or if you have any other questions about product and platform life cycles for any TotalView Technologies product please contact info@totalviewtech.com