View Full Version : TotalView Service Release Available 8.6.2-1

03-06-2009, 03:20 PM
TotalView Technologies released TotalView 8.6.2-1 today. This is a service release and contains only bug fixes.

Bugs of general note that are resolved in this release include:

Bug 11608: Memory debugging fails with MPT 1.19 on ALTIX systems.
MPT was existing with an "MPI error".

Bug 11663: Bad address error when examining an f90 char string
In cases where this bug occurred an error message about Entrypoint
addresses on a library that is part of the target process would be
reported by the debugger on the console.

Bug 11613: Segfault due to a vast home directory listing
This is the bug that Matt Wolfe presented a riveting analysis of at the SC08 TotalView "Tips and Tricks" BOF. The error turned out to be in a 3rd party library that we use for displaying our GUI.

Due to some common code we have also released MemoryScape 2.4.2-1 and ReplayEngine 1.1.0-1 today.

Please don't hesitate to contact support@totalviewtech.com or info@totalviewtech.com if you have any questions about this release (or any other).

Chris Gottbrath
TotalView Tech