View Full Version : G95 and Totalview

03-11-2009, 09:23 AM
Does G95 compiler work with Totalview debugger ? I am testing a code compiled that uses OpenMPI with G95 compiler. When trying to dive into any variable, I get an "Ambiguous Function" dialog box instead, and the variable I want to dive into is not listed there.


03-13-2009, 09:48 AM

We haven't really done much testing with G95. I see we've grabbed the 0.91 stable version and I've just run a quick test on one of our programs that looks at arrays or all types, simple, associated, allocated, etc. The values for simple variables look okay. The ones for more complex types all show as structures and are not as useful as we would like. It's possible some work could be done to improve this in TotalView, but the larger burden is on the compiler writer. We would certainly be willing to work Andy to help out in this regard, but I can't officially commit resources myself.

I haven't seen the ambiguous function box pop up in any of the code I've looked at, but I'm certainly familiar with it. Could it be that you are trying to debug optimized code? Or maybe you're using one of the more current snapshots of G95 that might be producing some odd debug information? In essence it all comes down to the debug information produced by the compiler. If he is following the DWARF manual for these, we should be able to make some sense out of things. We have had some success with gfortran which originally produced much of the same type of debug information that it looks like g95 is producing. Not that I'm trying to push you in one direction or another. It looks like Andy is doing some interesting work, but sometimes the debug information lags behind the other development work.