View Full Version : TotalView 8.6.2-2 Service Release Available

04-07-2009, 02:45 PM
TotalView Technologies released TotalView 8.6.2-2 recently. This is a service release and contains only bug fixes.

A few bugs of general note that are resolved in this release include:

11714 -- Searching "up" wasn't finding all matches.

11696 -- TotalView 8.6.2-1 was failing on Cray XT3 catamount systems with an Oops.

11680 -- Diving on a fortran module on a mac program built with ifort sometimes resulted in "Fatal Error: Ran of end of chunk in extract_data4".

11185 -- Users were sometimes not able to create a watchpoint after diving on a Fortran module.

10541 -- The TTF code was generating an error that says "CLI callback failed: TV::symbol: Property 'length' is not defined for a st_stringchar_type_t".

Due to some common code we have also released MemoryScape 2.4.2-2 and ReplayEngine 1.1.0-2 today.

Please don't hesitate to contact support@totalviewtech.com or info@totalviewtech.com if you have any questions about this release (or any other).

Chris Gottbrath
TotalView Tech