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05-07-2009, 10:19 AM

I'm new in this forum and using Totalview.

I have an MPI program, is it possible for Totalview debugs the "mpi.h"? I'd like to see what happened when the MPI program call a MPI function. But recompiling MPI with -g flag it does not work. Totalvire does not find the source and I tried to put the absolute path too.

Some suggestions?


05-22-2009, 01:24 PM
Hello Simone,

You don't mention which MPI you are using but I can make some generalities. It's likely the .so files that make up the MPI libraries are either stripped or optimized. Look for the -x option which strips out debug info, or the -O2 or -O3 options for optimization. I think configuring with debug info set up helps, but it might not hit all the rouintes. And if you do have the -g flag combined with one of the optimization flags, the debug information can be incomplete. It's not uncommon to be unable to find the source then. Theoretically it should be possible, but it may take a good bit of tweaking the configuration.