View Full Version : TotalView 8.6.2-3 Service Release Available

06-08-2009, 01:53 PM
TotalView Technologies released TotalView 8.6.2-3 today. This is a service release and contains only bug fixes.

A few bugs of general note that are resolved in this release include:

Users were not always able to see allocatable arrays within objects of user defined type when they had compiled their application with XL Fortran compiler.

When trying to dive on a local variable in a C++ subroutine, TotalView failed to show the value and complained of an Invalid compilation scope.

In some cases of complex Fortran code built with Intel compilers, an attempt to dive on a module variable failed and raised a dialog box asking for a choice between similar function names.

TotalView failed with a "Length mismatch" on certain applications on x86-64.

TotalView crashed when setting an very specific expression evaluation point.

In specific circumstances TotalView was finding the wrong file as the source for a function.

Due to some common code we have also released MemoryScape 2.4.2-3 and ReplayEngine 1.1.0-3 today.

Please don't hesitate to contact support@totalviewtech.com or info@totalviewtech.com if you have any questions about this release (or any other).

Chris Gottbrath
TotalView Tech