View Full Version : MemoryScape 3.0, TotalView 8.7, and ReplayEngine 1.5 are in Joint Beta

07-07-2009, 04:38 PM

I wanted to notify everyone that we have a beta going on for all three of our products.

The biggest new feature is that MemoryScape 3.0 introduces support for detecting memory bounds errors
at the point in the program where they occur. This functionality called "Red Zones" always has low runtime
performance overhead and includes the ability to precisely target specific allocations so that it can be applied with
very low memory space overhead.

MemoryScape 3.0 also includes the ability to launch the debugger interface.

ReplayEngine 1.5 introduces the ability to work with long-running codes.

TotalView 8.7 introduces support for heterogenous debugging.

These are exciting new capabilities and we hope that you will take some time to try the beta out on your
codes and give us feedback.

Here are the full list of new features:

MemoryScape 3.0
* Interoperability with TotalView
You can launch the TotalView product from within memoryscape session and you can launch MemoryScape
from within a TotalView session.

* Red Zones instant array bounds detection for Linux
Red zones protect your allocated memory in a way that MemoryScape can immediately detect when your
program tries to access beyond the allocations bounds.
MemoryScape uses red zones to detect access violations both before and after the bounds of your allocated memory.
It can also detect when your program accesses memory which has been deallocated. MemoryScape will stop
your programs execution and raise an event alerting you to the illegal access. You will be able to see exactly
where your code over stepped the bounds. You have full control over how and when Red Zones are applied to your
allocated memory. You can restrict red zones to allocations in several user defined size ranges and you can easily
turn red zones on and off at any time during your programs execution.

* Hoard Low Memory Detection
When you ask MemoryScape to hoard deallocated memory, you may run the risk of running out of available memory
earlier than expected. MemoryScape now has the capability to reduce this risk and alert you when you are at risk.

TotalView 8.7

- Support for Heterogenous debugging
You can now debug PowerPC32 targets remotely using Linux-x86-64 or Linux-power hosts
- Array Visualization for IA64-Linux
- Support for IP-only (incomplete DNS) networks \
- Updated Platforms Support
New OS support: Fedora 9 and 10,Snow Leopard
New compilers support: XLF 12.1, XLC 10.1, Intel 11.1,gcc 4.4,gfortran 4.4
- A number of bug fixes and performance improvements

ReplayEngine 1.5
* Circular buffer for execution history
* Support for MPICH1

You can participate in this beta test by filling out the form at


Be sure to:

* Tell us who you are
* Select the platforms/compilers you plan to test
* Select the areas you plan to focus on

After registration, you'll receive an email message describing the information
you'll need to report any issues to us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of TotalView Technologies.
If you have any questions regarding sign up or the testing program, please send a message to support@totalviewtech.com for a quick reply.