View Full Version : Announcing the release of ReplayEngine 1.5

08-21-2009, 01:28 PM
ReplayEngine 1.5

The biggest news about ReplayEngine 1.5 is that it now supports debugging long running applications. With this version you can use ReplayEngine to debug a program which runs for a very long time and that reads an unbounded amount of information, for example a network service that listens to network traffic. What will happen is that the information required for deterministic replay will be placed into a circular buffer with a fixed size. When that size limit is reached the oldest information is discarded to make space for the newer information and the recording continues.

As a consequence you can use ReplayEngine with a long running or high I/O application, but the "distance" that you can delve back into the recorded history is still limited by the size of that circular buffer and the rate at which input events occur.

Addition of this capability makes ReplayEngine applicable to that many more types of programs.

The other thing added in this release is support for MPICH1 and the SGI MPT MPI library. These are supported in ReplayEngine 1.5 along with MPICH2, MVAPICH2, Open MPI, Intel MPI, HP MPI, which were all introduced in ReplayEngine 1.0.1 and 1.1.

ReplayEngine 1.5 requires TotalView 8.7 which, along with MemoryScape 3.0, was also released today.

Chris Gottbrath