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08-27-2009, 04:15 PM
We are looking for developers, scientists and programmers who are using or looking at using GP-GPU technology. We'd like to invite such users to join our Early Experience Program and help us understand what we need to do to provide the best possible debugging experience for GP-GPU users. We are embarking on the process of developing a port of TotalView designed to support GP-GPU programming and your input could potentially help shape the product that results.

Here is an overview of the program that we are starting.

The Early Experience Program allows participants to get both an early view of and input into new products and technologies being developed at TotalView Technologies. This is an important way for you to help us continue to deliver products that really address your development challenges.

The GP-GPU Track will focus on techniques and interfaces that might be used in a port of TotalView to the NVIDIA GPU. The focus will be initially on the CUDA language and runtime and is expected to also cover OpenCL language and runtime as that environment matures.

There are four important technology facets to be examined in this EEP program track. First there is the general challenge of debugging code that is running on the GPU hardware. TotalView technologies is actively working with NVIDIA to define the interfaces for this in the CUDA runtime. Are we showing everything about the device that we should be? Are the process control concepts correct for GPU debugging? Secondly there is the possibility that there are programming concepts specific to CUDA and eventually to OpenGL that are important to reflect in the debugger. What needs to be displayed and how? Thirdly there is the challenge of dealing with the large number of thread contexts. How should those be displayed to the user without overwhelming them? What kinds of statistics, graphs, graphics, groups and summary views might be most natural and useful? Fourthly is the question of how GPU hardware will be used in cluster configurations. Is there any interaction with MPI or with the batch management system? What kinds of group operations and summary views might be necessary to understand the behavior of a scalable application running on an accelerated cluster.

Previous early experience program tracks have been instrumental in the development of ReplayEngine and the Remote Display Client.

Benefits of Participation
• The opportunity to provide significant input into product objectives, requirements, design, experience and packaging at the point in the process where this input can have the most effect.
• The opportunity to view and respond to early stage prototypes of products being developed.
• The opportunity to download and run selected development releases of products well before they would generally be shown to users.
• Smooth transition into the beta program once beta quality products are ready for use.
• Participants who provide the most valuable input and feedback may be provided, at TotalView Tech’s sole discretion, with permanent licenses for the products that they gave feedback on at the point when products leave the early experience program and are made generally available commercially.

Participant Responsibilities
• Due to the commercial concerns involved in early access to plans, technologies and products in development participants will need to commit to and comply with a Non Disclosure agreement.
• Willingness to provide feedback on the technologies and products under discussion.
• Availability to participate in a steady (but not overwhelming) series of surveys and discussions (typically arranged as con-calls and webcasts).
• Commitment to download, try out, and provide feedback on versions of software provided through the program.
• Acceptance of any software license agreements required for the versions of software provided through the program.

To Participate in the TotalView Early Experience Program

Fill out the form at

http://www.totalviewtech.com/.../earlyexperience.htm (http://www.totalviewtech.com/Forms/earlyexperience.htm)

We will contact you with more information about participating. For any other inquiries about the program contact Chris.Gottbrath@totalviewtech.com.