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10-02-2009, 02:09 PM
TotalView Express Student Edition Users,

With the release of TotalView Express Student Edition 8.7.0 we've added our powerful MemoryScape memory debugger into the bundle of what you get when you sign up for TotalView Express.

Better yet, if you already have TotalView Express you don't need to contact us to get an updated license or anything. Just download the new version of TotalView and start using it. 8.7 has updated compiler support and is up to date with respect to bug fixes as well.

Upgrade instructions:

Updating your installation to the latest TotalView Express is really easy.

Here are the quick instructions.

1. Download the installer script from


2. Double check that you know where TotalView is installed now.

3. Run the installer script.

4. Tell it to install TotalView Individual but not to redeem an entitlement code -- If you are updating from TotalView Express 8.6 you've already done that.

5. Tell it to install TotalView into the same parent directory (the one that contains a directory called "toolworks").

6. You might need to update your shell's executable path setting

That's it.

Activate MemoryScape using either the check box on the new program dialog, or by selecting it from the "Debug" menu. Be aware that MemoryScape memory debugging needs to be enabled when the program you are debugging starts to run. If you've already started to debug a program and want to turn it on you will need to do a restart. All the individual features can be enabled and disabled at any point in the execution.

You automatically get notification of Memory API errors (such as double free), get the benefits of pointer annotation in the data window (dive on
any pointer to heap memory to see what I mean) and can at any point pull up the MemoryScape GUI by choosing "Open MemoryScape" from the "Debug" menu.

There is a video tutorial on how to use MemoryScape at


You can also look at the online documentation for more details


Downloading the Right File:

You can get to the download several ways. First from the link above. Second by navigating to www.totalviewtech.com and selecting
"Downloads" from the "Developers and Support" link. You can also click on
"Download a free trial" and then follow the instructions for existing customers.

You'll end up at a page that lists the different platforms that we have software for. Select your platform.

Then you'll find a list of all the products that we have available. You want to download TotalView Debugger Individual/Express. It should be mid-way down the page and say "GUI Intaller Script" next to it.


Post here if you have any trouble with this process.