View Full Version : TotalView 8.8, ReplayEngine 1.7, MemoryScape 3.1 Beta

02-17-2010, 03:47 PM

I just realized I hadn't yet posted an invitation here for you to participate in our beta program. It has been running for a few weeks but there is still time to kick the tires.

In this release, we are adding a number of new features and improvements:

TotalView 8.8

* Remote Display Client for the Mac and Windows 7
* Improved runtime performance at scale
* Support for Linux Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 9.10
* Support for PGI 10.1

ReplayEngine 1.7

* Shared memory support (unix shmem, frequently used for intra-node communication between processes in HPC systems)
* Backwards Continue functionality with support for action points (breakpoints, watchpoints and expression points)
* Expanded MPI Support
o MPICH 2 Nemesis and SSM channels
o Shared memory configuration for OpenMPI, Intel MPI, HP MPI, and LAM MPI
* Significant OpenMP thread performance improvements and stability and quality improvements for multi-threaded codes

MemoryScape 3.1:

* Red Zones (heap memory read and write bounds checking with event generation at read/write time) on Solaris and Mac

You can participate in this beta test by filling out the form at

Be sure to:

* Tell us who you are
* Select the platforms/compilers you plan to test
* Select the areas you plan to focus on

After registration, you'll receive an email message describing the information you'll need to report any issues to us. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of TotalView Technologies. If you have any questions regarding sign-up or the beta testing program, please send a message to support@totalviewtech.com for a quick reply.