View Full Version : Pre-release of C++View

06-28-2010, 12:13 PM
Over the past several months we have been working with some users at LLNL to provide new ways for users to simplify working with complex program data within TotalView.

The fruit of this labor is a feature called C++View. C++View allows developers to write short bits of code in C++ that tell TotalView how to transform objects and data structures for representation in the debugger. For many object types this is much simpler than writing out the transformation in the TCL based TTF mechanism that TotalView has had for many years. For some projects it is also useful that the C++View transformations can be incorporated right into the project, so if one team member does the work to define the transformations the entire code group working on that code can benefit from easier display of the data.

This will be formally released, documented and supported in an upcoming TotalView release, but an initial version of the functionality is actually in the product already and can be used (though it is currently unsupported, and not documented) with TotalView 8.8. There are specific header files required which are specified on the Pre-Release page below.

See the C++View Pre-Release Page (http://www.totalviewtech.com/forms/cppview.html) for more details.

Chris Gottbrath