View Full Version : Announcing the Release of ReplayEngine 1.8

11-15-2010, 12:34 PM

I want to let you know that in conjunction with the release of TotalView today we are also releaasing ReplayEngine 1.8.

ReplayEngine has been rapidly developing to support platforms and environments that are important for HPC. Recent releases have supported Threads, IP based (ethernet and IP over IB) MPI configurations and explicit inter-process shared memory (SHMEM) configurations, but until now native Infiniband has been a challenge. This release introduces support for specific (generally the most recent) MVAPICH and Open MPI configurations using IBverb channels. If you have QLogic based infiniband you will still want to either configure for IBverb or use IP over IB when reverse debugging with ReplayEngine, PSM is not currently supported.

We've also introduced the ability to edit variables during record mode, which wasn't possible in early verisons of ReplayEngine.

Give ReplayEngine a try on your applications and let us know what you think!