View Full Version : Announcing the TotalView 8.9.0-2 service release

03-17-2011, 02:16 PM
Greetings all!

It is my pleasure to announce that we've released a service release update to TotalView.

The service release is designated TotalView 8.9.0-2.

The big news is that this version of TotalView includes support for the BullX MPI runtime environment.

We've also taken some steps to make this version do a better job of working with version 12 of the Intel compilers. These will be fully supported in the next release but if you are having trouble with them I'd recommend upgrading, as you'll get better behavior.

Finally there are a number of bugfixes

TVT-12623 - TotalView failing to find the correct value of variables in subroutines with gcc 4.4.4
TVT-12825 - Maximized height Variable window improperly draws Raw Format on first try
TVT-12896 - Internal error restarting MPI job with Memory Debugging newly enabled and MemoryScape window open
TVT-12939 - Toolworks_hostid does not work on Darwin x86-64

The new release will be available for 30 days from today at:

http://ftp.roguewave.com/1300385948891 (http://ftp.roguewave.com/1300385948891)

An updated MemoryScape release (3.2.0-2) is available at:


Chris Gottbrath