View Full Version : Beta for TotalView 8.9.1 and ReplayEngine 2.0.0

04-12-2011, 06:37 AM
It is my pleasure to announce the Beta for TotalView 8.9.1 and ReplayEngine 2.0. We would like to invite you to participate in this beta program and give us feedback on how this version of TotalView works for you, in your environment, and with your programs.

TotalView 8.9.1 introduces support for CUDA 3.2 and ReplayEngine 2.0 supports native Infiniband on both Mellanox and QLogic hardware.

TotalView 8.9.1 includes the following new features for CUDA:

* Support for apps built with the CUDA 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 SDK
* Compatibility with CUDA 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 drivers
* Support for CUDA function calls on the stack (as opposed to inlined)
* Handles exceptions in CUDA code
* Display of variables in GPU hardware registers
* Support for host pinned memory regions
* Support for CUDA contexts
* New CLI commands for CUDA functionality

TotalView 8.9.1 includes the following other new features:

* CLI commands for array statistics
* Improved array type inheritance in the multi-dimensional array display
* Improved handling of recursion in the parallel backtrace
* Support for RHEL 6
* Support for Fedora 14
* Support for AIX 6.1.5
* Support for GCC/GFortran 4.5.2
* Support for Intel Composer XE 2011 for Linux and Mac
* Support for PGI 11.2
* Support for Intel MPI 4.0.1
* Support for POE 5.2

With ReplayEngine 2.0 we have completed the project of getting ReplayEngine to work with Infiniband. We introduced support for IP over Infiniband several releases ago and have been gradually improving coverage. It is now possible to use ReplayEngine with native transport mechanisms with the following low-latency Infiniband hardware:

Mellanox Infiniband
QLogic Infiniband

and the following software:

MVAPICH2 1.5 and 1.6
Open MPI 1.4.2
Intel MPI 4.0

If you are interested in participating please contact us at tv891beta@roguewave.com and provide us with answers to the following questions:

1. What is your name and affiliation (where do you work/study)?

2. How long you have used TotalView?

3. Do you use TotalView to debug serial applications, parallel codes using MPI, multithreaded codes using OpenMP or pthreads, accelerated codes using CUDA, or hybrid codes that combine 2 or more kinds of concurrency?

4. Are you familiar with MemoryScape, TVScript and/or ReplayEngine?

5. What kinds of applications do you primarily develop and debug (kinds of applications: CFD codes, monte carlo codes, ecommerce services, finite element codes, graphics applications, etc...)

6. Are you interested in testing TotalView's CUDA capabilities? If so what version(s) of CUDA can you test?

7. Are you interested in testing ReplayEngine? On Infiniband?

8. What general OS-hardware platforms will you test?

Send any questions or feedback to that same address during the beta program.

Thanks for your help!

Chris Gottbrath
Principal Product Manager for TotalView, MemoryScape and ReplayEngine